About the Website

During the Holocaust more than 6 million Jewish victims were murdered, with over 60 million civilians killed in total throughout World War II. This social tool attempts to help visualise this grand loss of life by showing a real life example of the enormity of the number six million via participants social networks. We aim to personalise what this number looks like. Every one of those victims had a name, a story and their life stolen from them simply because they were Jewish. 6millionfriends.com mission is to spread awareness to help our generation, and generations to come, to never forget the attempted genocide of the Jewish people.

How to engage in the site / Why to engage?
We all click "accept friend" on a daily basis. With each click we grow our social network, our community, the people we call friends.
When you join the 6millionfriends project, your social media tally is added to our running total.

How many friends of friends of friends will it take us to reach the target?
Together we can visualise the enormity of 6 million.

About the Campaign

AUJS 'Share the Memories' campaign encourages discussion, understanding and remembrance of the Holocaust, through shared stories, images and memories.
The campaign aims to achieve this through several dimensions, including the sharing of personal journeys and the involvement of individuals, and their networks, to help visualise the enormity of 6 million

About AUJS

What is AUJS?
The Australasian Union of Jewish Students is the peak representative group for Jewish students across Australia and New Zealand. Based on the four pillars of Judaism, Activism, Zionism and Pluralism, we run a diverse range of Social, Political, Cultural and Educational events and programs for thousands of members on over 27 campuses.
From Campaigns to Conferences, Political Activism to Purim Parties, Israel Programs to Shabbat Dinners… there’s always something going on at AUJS, and there’s always something out there for you.

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